Getting Started

The .NET Diplomat model is composed by a special Web Site Template that is installed over MicrosoftTM .NET Framework and DotnetnukeTM Platform (leader of web site content).

Following the Author's reasoning by his own ebooks, texts and online contents, the .NET Diplomat model try to simplify the related web site utilization by revealing an intuitive system based on ‘sailing navigation’ feature (similar to what is shown by any H2Ooo .NET systems) that can easily display each available offer, opportunity or service and prepared to better express the related beneficiary’s personalization, especially by providing an up-and-running Blog web page to suit as the related daily ‘perfume’.
As explained, a personal web site must be understood on a modern fashionable way that, taking advantage of digital features, can easily reflect the related owner/beneficiary’s personalization on a digital level (context)...

For now, the .NET Diplomat model is provided as a Tailored made Solution, meaning personalized for the related beneficiary.


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